Putting you in the frame

Why Choose The Steel Building Company?

  • We fabricate many of our own steel components at our Harare factory, while our designs for larger components are imported from our trusted overseas partners. We’re involved in every stage of the process, so we can guarantee the quality of every piece of steel we use.
  • We actively research and apply the latest designs and fabrication techniques.
  • We are regionally competitive.
  • We use the latest TEKLA detailing software to design and detail every component of our buildings.
  • All our components are engineered for a perfect fit.
  • We build quickly, but with impeccable attention to detail.
  • We offer a range of building styles from steel-framed buildings infilled with brickwork, to all-steel structures with single- or double-skinned steel cladding.
  • We can also supply and install steel roof trusses and roofing solutions.
  • All our building designs can be customised with a range of access, ventilation and insulation options, as required.
  • We have exceptional project management skills and we deliver every project on time and on budget.
  • We have successfully completed several buildings of around 15 000m2 in size. That’s the same area as 2 rugby pitches.
  • We guarantee that everything we put up, stays up. Not just fit for purpose, but ideal for your intended use.

Our approach to your steel building

We spend time getting to know your operations and how you intend to use your new building, so that we can find the design that best matches your needs.  Your steel-framed structure then begins life as a series of engineering drawings, created with exceptional precision. These allow you to view your proposed building in 3D before we begin the fabrication. Because we design and make all our own fabricated components, we can customise your building if required. Options include translucent sheeting, roller and sliding doors, continuous or individual roof vents and insulation. From the moment your building begins to take shape, it’s guaranteed to perform.

Our highly skilled fabricators employ the latest cutting and welding equipment to cut, join and prepare every component and we never compromise on quality.

To ensure minimum lead times, we partner with professional civil engineering contractors. They ensure that our concrete slabs, brickwork, electrical and plumbing installations match the high standards of our structures.

Each stage of the project is carefully planned and executed. As soon as the steel components arrive on site, our highly trained and experienced installation crews can get to work. We undertake the entire installation ourselves to ensure that every aspect is completed to the same high standards.

From foundation stubs to roofing, your steel structure will have been designed, engineered and installed with the sole aim of exceeding your expectations.

Advantages of steel-framed buildings

With an inherent strength and suppleness that few other materials can match, steel is the perfect building material for commercial, industrial, mining and agricultural buildings.


Steel structures are resistant to corrosion, weather, fire and termites – some of the hazards that can render wooden buildings useless within a few years of construction. Steel does not warp, crack or deform, even when exposed to extreme heat or rainfall. Steel-framed structures are extremely low maintenance – they are essentially ‘build and forget’.


Steel-framed structures can be easily customised during fabrication, and even after construction if the intended use or specifications change. Because steel is relatively easy to work with, it can be cut, shaped and joined to create unique shapes, or to accommodate additional functionality.


Steel lends itself to straight lines and accurate floor levels for more precise building. It can be easily engineered for a modern, professional look.


Steel buildings made from engineered components can be erected more quickly than buildings relying on other construction methods. This saves time and money – from concept to execution, there is no faster way to build. Steel structures also require a smaller building crew than similar-sized brick or timber buildings. Steel-framed buildings can be part-assembled offsite to save time and money.